Surplus Value Is Created by Capitalist Production

Thus, surplus value arises out of neither the dishonesty nor the bad in­tent of the capitalist employer. He cannot will it into existence. As a phe­nomenon it is created by the nature of the economy under which he and the worker live. Surplus value is not grasped by the capitalist employer; it is something left in his hands by the operation of forces over which he as an individual has no control. "Suppose that the capitalist pays for a day's labor power at its value; then the right to use that power for a day be­longs to him, just as much as the right to use any other commodity, such as a horse that he has hired for the day." It is out of the legitimate ex­ercise of the rights the capitalist system bestows upon the capitalist em­ployer that he becomes the possessor of surplus value.