Comparison Between Lenin and Hobson

A Comparison between Lenin and Hobson

The main difference between Lenin and Hobson's imperialism was that Lenin believed in eventual transformation of imperialist capitalism into a socialist state through proletarian revolution. Hobson, on the other hand, believed that imperialist capitalism could transform into a socialist state peacefully through the actions of trade unions and government mitigation of the effects of monopolization. He also did not believe in capitalism's decay. Hobson felt that crises in capitalism could be cured through equal income distribution. Lenin's analysis was more founded on class conflict, the increasing monopolization of both capital and finance, and the resultant territorial divisions. Hobson, by comparison, was a pacifist that focused on the sequential process that started with nationalism, then colonialism, and finally to imperialism. Both agreed that imperialism resulted from over-accumulation of capital in the home market and the need for additional outlets and influence in non-capitalist regions.